CPR017​-​Red Alert "The Oi! Singles 1980​-​1983"

by Common People Records



This compilation © Common People Records 2016. Issued under license from Steve Smith (tracks 1-4 and 8-9) and Cherry Red Records Ltd (tracks 5-7 and 10-20). Special thanks to Steve Smith and David Lopez (France) for scan all the pics that we include here. Limited edition on white vinyl includes Red Alert A2 Poster. This compilation is dedicated to the Tony Van Frater memory. Rest in Peace!


released December 1, 2016


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Third and final
People cry when it begins
Time has come to pay for their sins
They know that this will be the last
No-one misses the mighty blast

New guns for everyone
Turn and laugh ar World War One
Modern methods sure to kill
Empty graves ready to fill

There’s just no way to survive
‘cos we’ll die in World War Three
Not a person left alive
We’ll all die in World War Three

Parading through the city streets
Heavy sound of the marching feet
The cries of sorrow will fade away
The war won’t last a single day
Track Name: Border Guards
It took me so long to close my eyes
The dark heavens needed no disguise
All my senses aroused by a crack
As my captor lay awaiting attack

Gotta escape from the border guards
They’ll shoot anything that moves
Gotta reach safety on the other side
I can’t find a place to hide

So many crimes that’s left unpaid for
What’s the difference of just one more
No one seems to see it my way
It’s just a script from a play

Once again i’m back inside
A thousand rooms where men have died
Freedom it ain’t on the cards
Cos I deceived the border guards
Track Name: Sell Out
You started off with dreams and ambitions
Saying that you’re not like the rest
We believed in your intentions
Thinking wrongly that you’re the best

Sell out (x3)

What happened to the low priced tours
What about the things that you said
Lots of money-ours is yours
Don’t you think it’s something in stead

Due to things beyond your control
You’re saying that your prices must rise
Turn your music into soul
What you said was fuckin lies
Track Name: District Boredom
Take a look out yer door
There’s kids on the street
They ain’t got no more
But they’ve got themselves beat

There’s not a trend to follow
Everything’s just the same
They’ll take tomorrow
And the council take the blame

They’ve got district boredom
You’ve got district boredom
We’ve got district boredom
I’ve got district boredom

The powers got you
Cos they said you borrowed a car
The paper never shows
Cos they’ve got you where you are

It’s just a passing phase
The boredom will die out
No more tiresome days
That’s what life’s all about
Track Name: In Britain
Get up at six read the daily news
But you already know what it says
Turn the pages you're reading through
And it's just the same as yesterday’s

TV channels with different voices
But everyone has the same message
Election's coming lots of choices
But not a one that's worth your vote

In Britain we don't need no speech
In Britain politicians preach
In Britain unemployment's high
In Britain got a cause to cry

Don't mean nothing to those in power
Ain’t got enough money to speak
A number in a low class shower
Who don't care about the day or the week
Track Name: Screaming at the nation
If our town goes up in flames
There ain’t no way of denying
The pigs hunt just one name
We argue-they think we’re lying

Put down your guns and ammunition
We’re all calling to the nation
Destroy those guns and ammunition
Red alert screaming at the nation

A big noise in the town
But there’s a band who’s in tune
Our music’s on the scene
Scream out-the sound ain’t clean

Hear us on your radio
Telling you get up and go
Our gear-it ain’t so fine
But the sound goes on from nine to nine
Track Name: Murder Missile
Don’t paint that missile union jack
Leave it dark and the blood won’t show
We hear a thousand rifles crack
And guess there’s no tomorrow

It’s a five mile murder missile
It’s a ten mile murder missile
A thousand mile murder missile
And it’s just destroyed the world

Everyone turns and says no thanks
They don’t want a nuclear war
We’ve had enough of bombs and tanks
We didn’t like those rules before

We’ll build a shelter underground
Stay outta sight till it’s all over
Just wait till we hear no sound
Then emerge when it’s all over
Track Name: S.P.G. (Demo)
London Police got a job on their hands
They’re calling the S.P.G.
Down the road come the big green vans
They’ll open any head they see

S.P.G. Power no glory
S.P.G. Change your story
They don’t really care what anybody says
S.P.G. Power no glory
S.P.G. Fuck your story

No-one looking they’ll pull out a knife
Stab someone - Throw it away
Don’t pick him up don’t start to shout
A dead man don’t have much to say

You only need one main credential
Obvious to you and to me
To kill a man is so essential
If you wanna join the S.P.G.
Track Name: I tore your picture up (Demo)
I wanted you to know
Just before you go
Things have been so bad
Which is why i’ve been sad

I tore your picture up today
I thought that it would be the way
To leave you-to leave you
It is the right way

I thought about you
Thinking i loved you
Now i know it’s no use
There was no excuse

You never loved me
Don’t you know i could see
Our love has gone forever
You and me- no more together
Track Name: Take no prisoners
Urban warfare sweeps the nation
Like rats coming from their sewers
Fathers and sons joining relations
Hitting back supporting the poor

The thrgads of patience are wearing thin
Just like the money in their pockets
It don’t go far-it never will
Not while millions are spent on war

Take no prisoners, Take no prisoners
Destroy your governement

Take no prisoners (x2)

Take no prisoners, Take no prisoners
Destroy your governement

Take no prisoners (x2)

Violence, looting comes to nothing
A vicious circle was can’t get out
Don’t waste your time supporting something
Britain’s future is always doubt
Track Name: Empire of crime
Vice king rules a criminal empire
His servants are running the show
Protection rackets-girls for hire
He sits and watches his money grow

Dishonest way to make a living
Breaks every rule in the book
He doesn’t know the meaning of giving
Wants to see every penny he’s took

Empire so humble
Empire will tumble
Empire of hatred
Empire of crime

Always runs from powers that be
And there’s a price upon his head
With trouble around him he’ll never be free
From a world that wants him dead
Track Name: Sell Out (Alternative version)
You started off with dreams and ambitions
Saying that you’re not like the rest
We believed in your intentions
Thinking wrongly that you’re the best

Sell out (x3)

What happened to the low priced tours
What about the things that you said
Lots of money-ours is yours
Don’t you think it’s something in stead

Due to things beyond your control
You’re saying that your prices must rise
Turn your music into soul
What you said was fuckin lies
Track Name: City Invasion
Saturday comes a city prepares
They’re gettingset for mass invasion
Don’t wanna be there when violence flares
Police waiting at the nation

Violence - erupting on streets of hate
City - under invasion
Fighting - Forget the football
A city under invasion

Pubs taken over - shops ransacked
Where are the pigs when they’re needed most
Innocent people being attacked
Another fight for peace is lost

Extra police are drafted in
Terraces become a battleground
Don’t care about the match - Lose or win
Another fan gets kicked to the ground
Track Name: Negative Reaction
Newsman’s on the screen
He’s telling us what’s new
But no one knows what it means
He just ain’t getting through

Negative reaction-blank stare
Negative reaction-we don’t care
Negative reaction-we ignore
Negative reaction-you’re getting more

Teacher in a classroom
Not getting through at all
The kids wanna leave soon
He’s talking to the wall

Band upon a stage
The crowd just won’t react
But we ain’t in a rage
And you know that that’s a fact
Track Name: There's a guitar burning
Climbing aboard the music express
A burnt out amp and a cheap guitar
Searching for fame - a way to success
Is this the way of a Rock’n’Roll star?

There’s a guitar burning
On the Rock’nRoll pyre
See that guitar burning
See the flames burn higher

Stuck to his guns through thick and thin
Fed with abuse - real good motivation
Potential and talent - determined to win
He’s reaching out for distant ambitions

Master of the axe, but is it a dream?
So little time so much to learn
Strumming away on the music machine
Louder and louder yeah let it burn
Track Name: The dust has settled
The Keg of violence came rolling along
Blowing the town when the fuse was lit
The dust has settled they’ve all moved on
And left the fighting to those who want it

Causes Beliefs - a passing phase
Here today but gone tomorrow
The crossroads came they chose new ways
Leaving their trail for many to follow

The light went out and burned no more
City fashions too much to resist
Laugh at the clothes that they once wore
Jetset nightlife too good to be missed
Track Name: Tranquility
The sun shone down on the morning tide
Rolling gently across the sand
Turning my head to the seagulls cries
Throwing my toughts back to life inland

No noise, polution, just total peace
Frequently broken by distant sounds
No factory waste - industrial disease
In this haven so close to the town

Casting my eyes across the bay
I was feeling the breeze pass by from the west
Depression and worry fading away
Tranqui surroundings put me at rest

A million dreams that could never be
Are floating by on the passing clouds
Returning my mind to reality
And time to head back into the crowds
Track Name: All the way to glory
The road to glory’s long and hard
Too many barriers to overcome
You’ve got to fight to keep on course
Marching on untill you’ve won

All the way to glory (x2)

Tough opposition in every town
Music press is gunning for you
They’ll build you up and knock you down
Drag you down until you’re through

Many fall by the wayside
‘Cos losers will always miss out
They learn that this is no joy ride
Turn back for the easy way out
Track Name: The Revolution will come
The dole queue grew and families worried
As their lives crumbled around them
Things got worse - Britain was buried
But we’ve sat back and let it happen

Tomorrow’s revolution must be today
Or you’ll see your kids as you are now
Political power has had it’s say
No more talk the fight is now

The revolution must come today (x2)

They’ll come from the cities and run down towns
From every corner of your country
A new generation - united strenght
To fight for victory

Tomorrow’s revolution...
Track Name: Cast Iron's Crusade
Riding through the sunset
searching for real ale
The journey was a long
one the boys were weak and frail
Passing by the stragglers
who couldn’t take the pace
A grin was breaking out
on the iron man’s mean face

Come on everybody let’s drink along
With Cast Iron’s brigade
Drink it quick and drink it strong
Cast Iron’s crusade

A barrel with a handle
still wouldn’t hold enough
The iron man was keeling
yeah feeling pretty rough
We stopped off at a country inn
to rest our tired legs
But only seconds later
we rode off with the kegs

The world was spinning fast now
the boys could take no more
There’s Nobby like a beached
whale flat out on the floor
No crane was made to lift him
so there he had to stay
The crusade it had ended
for just another day

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