CPR021​-​Red Alert "Third and Final EP"

by Common People Records



released December 1, 2017

This reissue © Common People Records 2017. Issued under license from Steve Smith (Red Alert). Recorded at Guardian Studios (Durham, UK) on May 24th 1980. Special thanks to Steve Smith (Red Alert), Pedropa (Madrid) for scan some Red Alert pics & David Lopez (France) for scan all the old cuts that we include in this reissue.


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Third and Final
People cry when it begins
Time has come to pay for their sins
They know that this will be the last
No-one misses the mighty blast

New guns for everyone
Turn and laugh ar World War One
Modern methods sure to kill
Empty graves ready to fill

There’s just no way to survive
‘cos we’ll die in World War Three
Not a person left alive
We’ll all die in World War Three

Parading through the city streets
Heavy sound of the marching feet
The cries of sorrow will fade away
The war won’t last a single day
Track Name: Border Guards
It took me so long to close my eyes
The dark heavens needed no disguise
All my senses aroused by a crack
As my captor lay awaiting attack

Gotta escape from the border guards
They’ll shoot anything that moves
Gotta reach safety on the other side
I can’t find a place to hide

So many crimes that’s left unpaid for
What’s the difference of just one more
No one seems to see it my way
It’s just a script from a play

Once again i’m back inside
A thousand rooms where men have died
Freedom it ain’t on the cards
Cos I deceived the border guards
Track Name: Sell Out
You started off with dreams and ambitions
Saying that you’re not like the rest
We believed in your intentions
Thinking wrongly that you’re the best

Sell out (x3)

What happened to the low priced tours
What about the things that you said
Lots of money-ours is yours
Don’t you think it’s something in stead

Due to things beyond your control
You’re saying that your prices must rise
Turn your music into soul
What you said was fuckin lies
Track Name: District Boredom
Take a look out yer door
There’s kids on the street
They ain’t got no more
But they’ve got themselves beat

There’s not a trend to follow
Everything’s just the same
They’ll take tomorrow
And the council take the blame

They’ve got district boredom
You’ve got district boredom
We’ve got district boredom
I’ve got district boredom

The powers got you
Cos they said you borrowed a car
The paper never shows
Cos they’ve got you where you are

It’s just a passing phase
The boredom will die out
No more tiresome days
That’s what life’s all about

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