CPR023​-​Hexen "Akt II: Die Rache" LP

by Common People Records

The first one to disappear knew what was going on, there are three mother witches living among us. Night by night I count the steps I hear outside my room. If I move,it follows me, disguised in red and blue. I know we can't see her but she's breathing everywhere, waiting for our time to slip away... She is judge and sentence everyday, reduced to ashes you will lay... Watching the days go by trapped inside the corridors, the girl that slept behind me is now rotten on the floor. Whispers and laughs seem to be something of yesterday. But the truth is that the coven won't survive without queen. One to the left, one to the right. One to the front to make the witch die. One to the left, one to the fuckin' right... Rest in hell, you Mother of Sighs. There is always a presence everywhere believed by all. And I swear I've seen it and I believe in you... mother of Sighs, We love you!
Pleasure and pain and now your home where you will go. No time for tears, it is the price to solve the box. Feeling razors through flesh,your life will end, but you will rise and you will serve... through decades of pain starving for blood. No going back for those who agree to sell their souls. The scars are the price to satisfy an endless lust. Through decades of pain,standing in darkness with chain and hooks tearing your face... to run from a world that dissapoints you... How long will you pay for your mistake? Will you find out who they are? Who will help your hellbound heart?
Trying to find the words to say thank you for the days I found myself listening to your voice... A bunch of rage all the hatred and the sadness all the criticism... Finding the right way to spit it out. But you never died, you never died Cos' reminding all your songs you're still with us. But you never died He murdered you But your legacy is still with us... For us we'll fight. I remember that sad day many years passed by It makes me think how easy it could be And how small are the consequences How tiny is the price to steal away a woman's life...you never died! One day was her today is a friend being killed not passing away. One day was her,or me,who cares; fuck this sexist violence!
When you mess around with women you get into trouble. We are convicted of murder if we plan to have an abortion. When you face one of us, you face all. We used to course your empire to make it fall... When you face one you face all. We've been burnt at the stake and convicted of shame when we got up to fight. We've been burnt at the stake and convicted of shame when we had someone with us... When you face one of us,you face all. We used to course your empire to make it fall...when you face one you face all.
When I go do not cry for me, I'll be laughing at your life. Let me show you that you'll kick the bucket lickin' someone's dirty ass. All your days are the same, competing in a rat race. Were you already dead from the beginning, like Bruce Willis on The Sixth Sense? And all you want,all that you love is the spotlight... it will make you blind. Al that you want is the spotlight... Where's your fucking mind? I can't see it. Where's your fucking mind? You don't show it. Where's your fucking mind? It's hard to see, it's hard... Wake up, be aware, life goes by and you're missing the best... one day you'll realise you've lost your best days and you'll jump under a train.
If you go to the places where you usually would go... wait to see our faces and don't try to hide. If you use your privilege and force one of us, wait for us to answer to your fuckin'lies. Man,you don't know what is like, you'll prefer not to be alive. War on women? We will fight, every sister side by side. We don't have to be friends, each other we'll defend. We're tired of your aggressions, of not feeling safe. If you thought we'd be silent just for being girls, we are your worst nightmare... dead men don't rape!


released May 1, 2018


all rights reserved



Common People Records Barcelona, Spain

Oi!/Punk Label & Mailorder from Barcelona (Spain).

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