CPR024​-​On File "The Real Mc Oi​!​" LP

by Common People Records

Got picked on when I was young Cos I never really fitted in with no one Kids at school thought I was strange Teachers thought I would change To be like them, I said no way Cos I won't let them take away The music that comes from the streets I remember getting kicked out of school Told the teacher that Skinheads rule My mother she went mad I was still her boy, her little lad I sure had her fooled Always fighting, never hiding We are the voice of the streets! On the piss on Saturday night, yeah We are the voice of the street! Out of school, all grown up Hanging around the corner at the shops A real man, so I thought I soon got put in my place With a kick in the balls and a punch in the face From an older lad whose brother I fought Now I understand how it’s gonna be Law of the jungle is the law of the streets Some folk don't realise it's a tooth for a tooth And an eye for an eye Revenge is oh so sweet First way went on my first tattoo The money left I spent on booze A loser in the making, they were so mistaken My parents cried, their child had died Became a man filled with pride A hooligan in bovver boots Not much has changed since then I can remember when I told the teacher Skinhead rules That flame still burns in me Runs through my veins like a disease That would ever be cured
Rebel with a cause I never knew a kid who never was Always right, never wrong what's new Youth of today Can't see that they're getting away With murder on the streets these days They ain't ever gonna change They ain't ever gonna change Some things in life you know Always stay the same They ain't ever gonna change Nothing here to do Heard it all before is what they said You gotta long hard road ahead You know what it's like Trying to get home, Saturday night Without getting in a fight Oi! Oi! Oi! Feel a little board Your mates just left cos he's going out With a bird who lives down the street Your time will come When you break them strings And tell your mum I'm leaving home To stand on my own two feet
I don't know where I'm going Probably won't know where I've been You have a drink to many Your night is like dream Always good intentions I won't be home to late The demon drink kicks in And decides your fate Let the lager decide If your going out tonight Let the lager decide for me Let the lager decide What is wrong and what is right Let the lager decide for me When your going down the boozer Out on the town with your mates You make yourself a promise That you wont get in the state You were in last weekend And the one before But once you taste the lager All you want is more You think you'd learn your lesson And learn to play it safe Keep an on what you drink And learn how to behave We still get out of order We still get out of hand Take the piss out of ugly slappers Three more pints and they're looking grand
You offend me - you think you've got the right To tell me what's right - you offend me You offend me - when you talk behind my back Your bottles about to crash - you offend me And when you laugh at me, for playing in a band You'll never understand - you offend me You think your better, like a cut above Your not the one I love - you offend me Your not quite so tough when your on your own Your not so hard, walking home alone You offend me - throw me out your pub Say I've had enough - you offend me You offend me - don't like what I say Is that democracy - you offend me Just because I choose to think for myself Not like everyone else - you offend me My views may not fit in, I don't think I'm P.C. That don’t bother me you still offend me You offend me - you haven't got a clue About what I like to do - you offend me You offend me - rumours that you spread Made up in your head - you offend me You paint a picture of anger and of hate It's me and all my mates - you offend us Your time will come, we'll put you in your place Steelcaps in your face - you offend us
14 Up 02:41
We were all in gangs now we don't give a damn That will be with you all your life We broke the rules nobody's fools Hated all who weren't on our side 14 up in a tower block, The next one was my view Then one day I realised There must be something else to do Chasing birds for a screw Half my mates on the glue There nothing for us to do Thought it was top getting chased from the cops Little did we know they knew our names When we got home a boot up the arse From your old man, kept in again 14 up in a tower block, The next one was my view Then one day I realised My dad he knew the score He'd been round the block before He was older and wiser and more of a man than me One more drink, one more fight One day we might see the light One more day, one more night One more drink, one more fight Times have changed the fight has gone The drugs kicked in the place went down Got out while the going was good Headed off to another part of town 14 up in a tower block, the next one was my view Then one day I realised, All my mates were dead The birds, they all got wed A mortgage and a couple of kids That's just the way life is oh, oh, oh!
Power, power in your hands People at the top, the one's in command Making new laws, arming your force Training us up to fight in your wars Killer, killer not on the streets Mass murderers top of the tree Don't sit back and relax We're on the rise face the facts I'd rather do the time than stand in fucking line It's the way I am the way that I'll stay I'd rather do the time than stand in fucking line And I'll fight (Yeah I'll fight) till my dying day! Lies, lies we're victimised Picking on the weak ain't no surprise Because we're Working Class We don't have to lick your arse We're right, your wrong Our views stand strong We'll stand against We'll fight defend
As I watch the years drift by Can't wait till I'm 65 I don't just wish my life away Just wanna stay in bed till late Tired of working, working oh so hard I've worked for everything I ever had Tired of working, I'm wasting all my time To get what's mine Late to bed early to rise Wipe the sleep out of my eyes Don't wanna go, the clock keeps ticking Think I'll just phone in sick, and go back to my bed One day the boss man said to me Don't you know that respect is the key I said 'you won't get none of that’ What you give out is what you get back Gotta work to earn a living So I'm told but I’m not giving a fuck about your stinking job Try to make me feel I'm lucky Gave my life for not much money
Don't tell me things never change We know a bloke who went all strange Met a girl and fell in love It makes me sick, think I've seen enough Used to be a Bootboy, he used to be a Skin Times have changed since then I don't know where to begin He had all the records Sing along to every word Now he'd rather be down the bingo with his bird She still goes down town with her mates Tarted up, thinking she looks great Nothing like a quick shag on the side This blokes been taken for a ride We got the right to do what we like Nothing gets in our way He's finding it hard just to survive The thumb gets bigger each day Reckons that he's all grown up No more boots, no more short haircuts Gave it up to please his girl She's pissed off with someone else
I wont be going to the pub today Spent the last of my money on the lottery I know, yes I know it's the only way That I can be as rich as the bastards who say Ain't life a bitch, flashy motors, a load of tossers Not like you and me We are the same - We won’t change! We are the same - We won’t change! A gambling man, no not me I stuck a tenner on the nose of a horse in the 3:30 At chepstow, you should have seen the bugger go That hope inside of me Like on xmas day when I was 3 years old, so I'm told That horse it ruled my world We are the same always get the blame We are just normal working men A laugh with the lads, a night with the bird A pint at the weekend It seems to come and go, so quick you know Before you know it's over again, You've seen your friends, back to the grind again We all live the same old dream A few pound in my pocket at the end of the week Would see me through, there's a lot more I'd like to do Like fly off on holiday To the places I've only seen on the telly, the BBC They're not meant for you and me A laugh with the lads, a night in with the birds And a pint at the weekend That's the life I know, that's how it goes I know that it will never change 200 miles to see a band Sitting on your arse in the back of a van In our eyes, the music’s good Some folk will never understand Our loyalty, our dedication Our anger, our frustration The way we think, the beer we drink It's all a part of being a Skinhead!
Never done nothing, never really cared Your opinion don't count, not around here Don't wanna know about the truth Blame it on me, you've got no proof Said my mates grassed me up, no way I'm innocent, that's the way I'll stay Another day in paradise Took my boots, took my braces Tried to take away my life Another day in paradise Celled up, locked up Made to pay the price In you go son, the back of a van I had the chance, I should have ran Stuck in a cell, told to have a think About what I'd done - nothing I think they're lining me up for a fall Justice, can I get some, or none at all Next day up before the judge Knows my face, he bears a grudge I don't wanna see you again in the court Next time I'll make sure I don’t get caught You won't see me back here for a while I know you got our name and number Cos we're On File Lock me up, you can't lock me up Put me in a van, put me in a cell Take me to court, put me through hell I never done nothing, you never really cared Tried to set me up, your justice just ain't fair
Don't take shit from no one, proud to be Skins Why are we the only ones, crucified for our sins Aggro follows us around, always at our door Doesn't get us down, been through it all before Sick of hearing all your crap Why don't you get off my back?! Can't do this, can't do that Why don't you get off my back?! When we go down the pub, always get abuse People stop and stare at us, give us dirty looks Don't seem to understand, the way we live our lives We’ll all be Skinheads, till the day we die Sick of the bosses, sick of the cops Sick of people telling us the fun has got to stop You're getting old, so settled down You've seen your day, your time has come That don't mean nothing to me
Got no trust in anyone I'm on a one way track, out for fun Don't rely, won't depend On someone you called a friend Sick, of hearing all your lies Truth don't count in your eyes Scared to look the other way As they sharpened up the blades Lifes like a fight in the dark Can't see whats in front of you, then it starts Lifes like a fight in the dark Play it safe, don't walk away and watch your back Most folk are terrified to walk our citys streets at night Violent world, violent times, our country's overrun with crime The governments master plan, pick on the normal working man Put up taxes, make us pay Stabbed in the back by another blade Struggling to make ends meet My pay won't last till next week Overworked, underpaid just the same as all my mates No light at the end of the tunnel My dreams have gone, they've burst my bubble
Chasing the birds, on the pull Feeling them up, acting the fool Have we left them all behind Up at the football, Saturday Follow your team home and away Have we left them all behind! Still booted up on a Friday night Like a load of thugs looking for a fight You couldn't be so far from the truth Have we left that all behind in our youth Angry youth sporting a frown pissed on 2 bottles of merrydown Have we left them all behind Big C-O every weekend never thought it would end Have we them all behind You turned sixteen, off the rails Gotta screw the nut or you'll end up in jail Have we left them all behind On the glue, on the rob Not a bright future Skinhead yob Have we left it all behind


released December 1, 2018


all rights reserved



Common People Records Barcelona, Spain

Oi!/Punk Label & Mailorder from Barcelona (Spain).

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