CPR033​-​Vis Vires "The fight goes on" LP

by Common People Records

Storm clouds have rose above As the sun shines down on us To give us strength to never weep Remember those who we have lost The fire burns bright, ash to dust Your everlasting legacy It will all go down in history Your glorious days and victories With honor, with pride And to the death you fought with might With courage and sacrifice The sword has led you to your fate You are a Warrior, fearless as can be And we will carry on, your name, your legacy You'll live on through me, we'll keep your spirit alive Forever in our hearts and till the end of time!
The wick is burning, slow and dim As life flashes through my eyes The night is cold, storm and winds Death's looming not far behind Is this a dream or are we in hell It's become so hard to tell (We're) The last ones to survive! Keep the fire burning alight Before time starts running out No choice but to stand and fight Surrounded by evil all around We won't wither away and die We will make it out alive!
What will you do when they come and slit your throat Leave you on the streets to die with no chance, no hope These snakes, they slip right through the cracks of the ground All they want to see if life come and drag you down A thousand knives, right into my back The serpent lurks, they're waiting to attack A thousand knives, I'll use to cut off their heads With all my might, I won't stop until they're dead
Through the darkest times When life seems so unfair Keep pushing forward Don't give in to despair Your depth of character Will get you through the fight Like a shinning beacon In the darkest night Initium Novum! A new dawn will rise March on to victory The limit is the sky
Led to the gallows, the end is nigh Skip on the noose and say your final goodbye The Executioner, the judge and jury Descend to the realm of hades Cause this is the end As the light starts to fade Grasping for air but there is no escape Sentenced to death, by the hand of fate
I considered you a brother, considered you a friend I would’ve stood right by your side until the bitter end Now that bond is broken cause you betrayed my trust Can’t even stand to look at you, only filled with disgust Chorus I’ll bring vengeance down upon thee Like lightning striking from the sky We’ll bring vengeance down upon thee Nowhere for you to run and hide I’ll bring vengeance down upon thee Watch you cower in fear We’ll bring vengeance down upon thee And all that you hold dear
So I wake up to another perfect day Despite the shinning sun, the pain won't go away I feel like has left me, twisting in the wind I'd pick up all the pieces if I knew where to begin Through sweat, through blood, through pain We'll fight the odds, and break the chains With pride we stride, with might today To keep pushing on to a new day We'll never give up! And so it goes on, this game that we call life With all it's misery, all the pain you hold inside You're really all you have and you feel so alone At war against yourself, your mind's a combat zone
The Storm 02:59
The sky turns grey, clouds hide the sun Thunders roaring while lightening has struck The time is now, we’ll strike with force Crashing through the waves right into shore We’re face to face, there’s no escape Blood will be shed, its the price to pay The battle awaits, we come forth to war Revenge is near.. we are the storm! We’re on the attack, no looking back I’ve come for all and all enemies It’s an eye for an eye, life for a life My quest for revenge is all I seek It’s an act of war, to settle score To make no amends, till you are dead Your days are done, There’s nothing left Your time is up... we are the storm!
The time has come, Battle lines are drawn We won’t meet defeat, We’ll fight for victory Blood will flood the ground, Watch them all die down Screams of agony, no mercy for our enemies Bodies piled high, Bloody limbs and severed heads Our glory will reign, souls we’ve come to collect The smoke has cleared the skies, Heavens rays glisten and shine We stand in the haze, as our warriors go and make their way We’ll fight them all One by one they’ll fall Taking their last breath They will die a slow and painful death Till the battles won We’ll keep going strong Death is your fate Warriors kill to face another day
The smoke is clearing, the flames have died Embers smolder in the pitch black night The scent of decay pollutes the air The Phoenix will rise from the ashes of despair We'll strike adversity down like lightning No surrender, we'll go down the fighting We've got the strengh, we've got the pride Our enemies better run and hide Unbreakable force, we are the warriors With no remorse, we'll end those cowards With our brute force, we'll overpower We'll take what's ours and we will conquer them all
Outro 01:12


released July 1, 2020


all rights reserved



Common People Records Barcelona, Spain

Oi!/Punk Label & Mailorder from Barcelona (Spain).

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