CPR038​-​Vis Vires​/​Ultra Sect "s​/​t" EP

by Common People Records

Beware, The beast he’s comin’ round Can you hear that awful sound Beware, The beast he’s comin’ through And he’s coming right for you! Violence, has been unleashed The evilest of an evil breed Wreaking havoc is all he knows From the summer heat to the winter snow Fists like hammers, arms like steel No surrender, he will never yield Running roughshod through your town Plunder and pillage when the sun goes down
Blood stains the floor As your life comes to an end A sharp angled blade To execute and behead The sound of metal falling Crushing through flesh and bone Capital Punishment Serves justive for all What lies ahead, is your fate and destiny Get on the stand, condemned to death by the guillotine
Pure impact! It's the first degree Read the riot act, throw the book at me Disturbing the peace, I call it open eyes Demand justice and choose who dies Violence composed symphonically Music screams of agony Understand what others fear When it's time, we'll be here Blood Laws! Blood Laws! Vengeance for betrayal Blood Laws! Blood Laws! Traitors fate unveiled Blood Laws! Blood Laws! Charged and convicted Blood Laws! Blood Laws! Condemned and rejected Wrench in the gears and the system stops In a moments time, the pressure drops Seeking revenge for a fallen friend Your path of terror comes to an end Violence composed symphonically Music screams of agony Understand what others fear When it's time, we'll be here Vengeance for betrayal The triumph and the valor With a heavy dose of fate A world of despair Fueling all the hate
It's a sign of the times but the future is here You've been left behind and the end is near Feeling out of place in the town you grew up March against the grain and try to disrupt Break down the doors And take what is yours United side by side Conquer and divide Frustration builds as they suck you dry Search for escape or you're left to die There's more at stake than your misguided youth Secure your future and expose the truth Take a stance and continue the fight You're stronger in numbers so do what's right Freedom flies in the red, white, and blue Never give in, or they'll take it from you


released December 1, 2020


all rights reserved



Common People Records Barcelona, Spain

Oi!/Punk Label & Mailorder from Barcelona (Spain).

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