CPR025​-​Vis Vires "The Wolves"

by Common People Records



released February 1, 2019


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Common People Records Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: Intro witch hunt
They’ll come for you and run you straight into their trap
An angry mob of hypocrites are waiting to attack
They’ll brand you with false accusations and burn you at the stakes
No compromise, no justice, they’ve already ruled your fate

The witch hunt’s begun
It’s kill or be killed, there’s no other way
The witch hunt’s begun
Destroy the enemies before you’re set in flames
Track Name: The Wolves
They pound the earth as waves tear through the skies
The calls of war have sung, with fortitude and pride

The Wolves - have come with a force to be reckoned with
The Wolves - will slaughter the weak and the wicked
The Wolves - show no mercy to their betrayers
The Wolves - are vicious and loyal

A call to arms in the night of combat
With no remorse, it’s a counterattack

They’ll carry on till the battle is won
Their will of courage, their glory will come
Track Name: Vengeance
I considered you a brother, considered you a friend
I would’ve stood right by your side until the bitter end
Now that bond is broken cause you betrayed my trust
Can’t even stand to look at you, only filled with disgust

I’ll bring vengeance down upon thee
Like lightning striking from the sky
We’ll bring vengeance down upon thee
Nowhere for you to run and hide

I’ll bring vengeance down upon thee
Watch you cower in fear
We’ll bring vengeance down upon thee
And all that you hold dear
Track Name: This is the end
We emerged from beneath the earth
Given the vitality of our return
We’ve come back for you to be avenged

Those you’ve betrayed and left for dead
Have left a line upon your face in red
Your time is up, the clock has stopped

Their acts of treason
Will be dealt with consequence, We’ll let the hammer fall
Dark clouds on the horizon
Will rise when the reaper comes for their souls

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